There has never been a better time to purchase a yacht. It is a Buyers Market with Motivated Sellers, 
Aggressive Pricing, and Great Inventory 

Brad Johnson says,

"Randall Burg is the best yacht broker 
in the business."
I work with a Limited Number of Qualified Clients - Contact Me Now
"What Has Your Yacht Broker Done For You Lately?

I would greatly appreciate sitting down with you 
to explore the benefits to you for my becoming  
part of your team of experts assisting you with 
locating your Ideal Yacht or Selling Your current Yacht. 
Tell Me What You Are Looking For - 
What Yacht You Are Interested In  Buying?
 What Yacht Are You Interested In  Selling ?
What Has Your Yacht Broker Done For You lately?:

  • Randall Burg has sold over 1,000 boats and yachts.
  • 19 years in the business after successfully owning and running other businesses, and understands what clients are looking for in Their Yacht Broker
  • Extensive Local, National, and International inventory
  • Licensed, bonded, and offices in Florida and California
  • Will return your call within 30 minutes - you deserve this kind of service and respect. 
And it's really that simple...
If you want the Best Possible Service 
from a yacht broker  
It's gonna be easy... first I do this:  
How Fast Can I locate the right yacht for you?...
How fast can I sell your current yacht?

The sooner we start the better. 

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send me an email with the kind of yacht you are looking for, your target price and time frame

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You Could Literally Be Just A Few Steps Away From 
Buying  Your next yacht 
Locating A Qualified Buyer For Your Current Yacht
A Few Words :

First Thing to Remember

You need a Yacht Broker who has  Great Locations at Major Boat Shows, Inventory that is priced to sell and Motivated Sellers

Second Thing to Remember

You need a team:
I have a great team that handles all the paperwork issues: licenses, tax issues, dock location and delivery of your yacht, surveyors, training captains and crew needs, maintenance manager, etc.

Third Thing to Remember

You need a Yacht Broker with the Right Attitude and Philosophy to get the job done for you:
The Concierge Attitude.
If This Is You, You've Come To The Right Place. There's nothing left to do but send me your contact information.


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